Food-Grade Grain Hopper

Stainless Steel Custom Fabrication Project

Midbrook Metal

About This Project


This project came to us from a food processing company. They needed a large grain hopper (approximately 8' in diameter) to feed into their existing food processing equipment.

Within one day, we sent one of our foreman to their plant to take measurements. While still in their factory sketched a basic design, including access points and ideas for how to affix it to their existing machinery.

Within a few days, the final design was approved, the job was quoted, and work began. The entire project as pictured took less than 30 days to complete from start to finish.


The customer began with a basic design concept, but without blue prints. One of our foremen went onsight to see their existing equipment and space constraints and helped them design the solution right there on their floor!


This hopper was constructed from food-grade stainless steel.

Fab Work

  • •Laser-cutting
  • •Rolling
  • •Welding
  • •Finishing


This item will be crane-lifted and placed into the customers building

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