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We often are asked to build platforms, guarding, and cross-overs for factory floors. We understand that in many plants, space is tight and having quick and safe ways to access parts of machines on an assembly line is essential for productivity.

This particular project required a safe and stable platform for workers to access taller parts of a machine. One of our foremen traveled to the customers location to take measurements and help them design a solution that met OSHA compliance for workplace safety.

We built, designed, and installed these custom platforms within 30 days from the original customer phone call. They were built in smaller sections that could be transported and reassembled easily on the plant floor.

Midbrook Metal Product Midbrook Metal Product Midbrook Metal Product


The customer did not have a design - only a list of criteria for the project. Our foreman took the measurements right on the customer's factory floor.


Carbon Steel, although if there is a chance of water exposure, we make them from stainless steel.

Fab Work

  • •Laser-cutting
  • •Bending
  • •Welding
  • •Painting
  • •Finishing
  • •Assembly


We delivered this item to the customer's factory and sent our team to assemble and install onsight.

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