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In this situation, the customer needed a custom part for their project. They sent over the blue prints to our engineers. The project required cuts of three separate parts and then welding to make a single object.

Our team quickly recognized there was cost-savings potential for the customer. Rather than cutting three parts and welding them together, our team suggested cutting a single piece and bending the sides into place. The product on the left was built to the customer's specifications, and the alternative on the right was based on our team's modifications.

This design change multiplied by hundreds of parts resulted in a 20% savings of time, materials, and money to the customer! Our team works with each individual customer to find the most cost-effective solutions to meet their needs.


The customer provided original blue prints, but we made modifications based on our recommendations for cost savings.


Stainless Steel

Fab Work

  • •Laser-cutting
  • •Bending
  • •Welding
  • •Painting
  • •Finishing
  • •Assembly


We shipped this item faster than expected due to the time-savings from the design change.

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