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A hospital needed cabinets built for their limited space, and they were unable to find readily available options.

We sent representatives to measure the area and work with the nurses to custom-design cabinetry. We ensured that the solution would perfectly fit their space and also accomodate the specific types of contents that the cabinets would hold.

Because these cabinets were going into a hospital, the attention to detail and finishing touches had to be of the highest quality. We considered not only the functionality, but also the asthetic appearance, and fine details - such as quiet closing cabinet doors, easy to open handles, and seamless welds.


Working with the customer, our team designed the cabinets and generated the blue prints.


Hosptial-Grade Stainless Steel

Fab Work

  • •Laser-cutting
  • •Bending
  • •Welding
  • •Finishing
  • •Assembly


We delivered and installed this item within 30 days.

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