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We offer over forty years of metal fabrication experience. We have built small items such as keychains and consumer goods all the way up to complete 5,000 square-foot assembly lines. Our customers represent some of the largest companies across several industries - including the automotive industry, aerospace industry, medical industry, and food and beverage industry - and we also work with some of the smallest companies, too! Many inventors, start-ups, sole proprieterships, and crafters rely on us to help them design and build their custom projects.

Whether our customers are big or small, whether the product can fit in your pocket or will take up an entire building - we apply the same expertise, professionalism, and high level of customer service to each and every project.

We offer our robust manufacturing capabilities and technical expertise to help you get your job done efficiently, effectively, and quickly! We are your "factory for hire" and we cannot wait to put our skills to work for you!

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